What is the goal of PDR Contractors?
To provide a service that allows PDR technicians to maximize their income potential efficiently through a directory, networking, contracts, and fulfillment.

Can anyone join PDR Contractors?
No, this is why members have to initially apply for membership. Once the application for membership is received it will be reviewed and verified for authenticity. PDR Contractors does welcome all PDR companies and/or technicians regardless of experience level. We are a directory site. Our goal is to provide the general public and members the ability to connect with PDR companies and/or technicians. It is the responsibility of all users to do thorough research before choosing a repair technician. PDR Contractors is not liable for service provided by a technician.

How do I renew or cancel my PDR Contractors annual membership?
Your annual membership will automatically renew each year. PDR Contractors will send a curtesy email to members 7 days before automatic renewal. Members credit card used on the initial sign up will be charged. Please update payment information in your PayPal account if there where changes to avoid a lapse in service. If you wish to cancel your PDR Contractors membership please contact us at PDR Contractors before your automatic renewal date. Any and all feedback to improve PDR Contractors is welcomed.

What boxes should I check on the Business Options page?
Check all the boxes the apply to you as a technician. The Business Options can be edited at any time. These Business Options are used to filter technicians during a customized technician search by members. This allows members to connect with technicians that meet their needs.

Why is my business listing not on the free general public directory?
Your "Company drop pin and listing shown on general public technician finder map" toggle switch is set to "No". This can be edited in the Manage My Profile page.

Why are business listings not the same on the general public directory and the members' directory?
Technicians that travel for work (i.e. hail technicians) have the ability to remove their Permanent Business Address from the general public directory when traveling.

I noticed that the members' directory has many more listings in my local market after a recent hail storm. Why, and can the general public see this?
All members of PDR Contractors can update their Current Location. Technicians that travel for work (i.e. hail technicians) can use this feature to show Current Location. This allows local PDR companies the ability to quickly see what technicians are in their market for possible subcontracting needs. The general public can not see the Current Location feature. It can only be seen in the members-only directory.

I have multiple business locations, do I need to have for a membership for each one?
Yes, a membership is needed for every business location that you wish to add to the directory. However, if you have multiple business locations in a single market please use the contact us page to discuss pricing before applying for membership.

How can I edit my Permanent Business Address?
Your Permanent Business Address can only be edited by the site administrator. Please use the Contact Us page to request a Permanent Business Address change (i.e. local route tech and/or brick and mortar relocation).

I do not have a logo. What image should I use for my picture?
Please use your best judgment. The image needs to look professional and be a good representation of your business.

Why is the Contract Template Package an additional cost?
We have given our members the ability to purchase this package separately to keep annual membership cost down. If the Contract Template Package was included with membership the annual price would increase.