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Are you a PDR company and/or technician that is interested in joining the industry's premier online hail and dent repair directory? Please apply below for PDR Contractors membership. 

Benefits of PDR Contractors ; Membership for a local PDR company:

  • Be listed in the free general public directory
  • Have instant web presence without extra website expense
  • Independently staff job openings quickly and efficiently
  • Filter potential subcontracted technicians to your needs

Benefits of PDR Contractors Membership for a traveling hail technician:

  • Have instant web presence without extra website expense
  • Decide when you would like to be listed in general public directory
  • Update current location on members directory when traveling
  • Be seen by local PDR companies for subcontracting needs

For more information, check out these podcasts:

PDR Contractors also offers a personalized PDR Contract Template Package with consulting to active members! After becoming a member see Contracts page for more information.

Please apply below for PDR Contractors membership.

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This section is provided for paying directory members to facilitate networking by connecting traveling PDR technicians with local PDR companies. This location is only viewable by paying directory members in the technician finder map. It can be edited at any time to reflect your current location. If you wish to have your Current Location the same as your Permanent Business Address (i.e. local route tech and/or brick and mortar location) leave this section blank.


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