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PDR Contract Template Package





Are you a PDR company and/or technician that is interested in securing your local market? PDR Contractors offers members a Contract Template Package to gain, protect, and retain accounts. This template has been proven in the PDR industry to maximize income and lower liability. $1,749 one time purchase price, available to PDRcontractors.com members only. Join today at PDRcontractors.com/join 

Get paid on time, every time.
Protect your market from competition.
Lock in percentages before a catastrophic hail event.
Retain your accounts during a catastrophic hail event.
Document subcontractors financial compensation.
Easily obtain quality subcontractors for employment.

Contact us today to learn more about how this contract template has greatly benefited companies in real world situations. 


Contract Template Package includes:

  • Two General Service Agreements
  • A Compensation Agreement
  • A Non-Compete Agreement
  • Personalized consulting on how to successfully implement contracts with current and potential customers

How the contract template was born...

In the summer of 2012, my hail partner and I were very fortunate. A large account we serviced received a catastrophic hail event that damaged their dealer inventory and the surrounding community. This dealership also had a large collision center. The storm was a financial success but not without extreme stress. Why? Because we were working for our account without a contractual agreement. For this reason, we had to make the hard decision to lower our repair prices from what we initially agreed upon. This was due to competitors soliciting our account. We also had unforeseen storm management expenses due to the space needed to repair the dealer inventory. The last issue of collecting money proved to be the most problematic. We had nothing in writing stating terms of payment which resulted in a slow collection of money owed for services performed. After this job was completed I promised myself I would never again manage a storm without a contractual agreement. I quickly got to work on creating a contract that would protect my subcontractors and me on the next storm. Many years later this Contract Template has been used successfully with multiple accounts. PDR Contractors is offering the Contract Template Package to its members to solidify their accounts and markets. Let me help you lower your liability and get paid on time, every time.


Founder, Dan Ontrop