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Permanent Business Address
This address is viewable by nonpaying site visitors (general public) seeking a local repair technician using the technician finder map. If you wish to have your companies drop pin and listing not appear on the general public technician finder map (i.e. traveling hail technician) please select no using toggle box below. Your Permanent Business Address cannot be edited after your initial application without assistance from the site administrator.


Current Location
This section is provided for paying directory members to facilitate networking by connecting traveling PDR technicians with local PDR companies. This location is only viewable by paying directory members in the technician finder map. It can be edited at any time to reflect current location. If you wish to have your Current Location the same as your Permanent Business Address (i.e. local route tech and/or brick and mortar location) leave this section blank.

Additional Pins
Available for purchase to increase your company's presence in the directory. Reasons you may want to have additional locations may be:
• You would like to place a temporary pin to indicate your presence in a Temporary Catastrophic Hail Event Location. These pins will be listed in red.
• Your business has more than one permanent location.
Each of these additional locations will cost the market rate of the standard PDR Contractors membership price and will be valid for 365 days from purchase.

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Business Options
Check boxes that apply to your business for members-only directory listing.



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